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index_photoDhaka, 30th November 2013: Today 8 climate focused civil society networks in a press conference urge the government to work out the future climate action plan with own resource and capacity as the latest CoP-19 outcome has seriously undermined the interest of LDC and CVC (Climate Victim Countries) in facing climate changed present and future negative impact.

The press conference titled “CoP-19 outcome: Interest of climate victim countries are really vulnerable” is organized by eight Bangladeshi climate focused civil society networks namely Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), Bangladesh Indigenous People’s Network for Climate Change and Bio-Diversity (BIPNetCCBD), Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (CSRL), Centre for Global Change (CGC), Climate Change Development Forum (CCDF), Climate Finance Governance Network (CFGN), Coastal Development Partnership (CDP) and Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (EquityBD).

The keynote paper is presented by Syed Aminul Hoque of EquityBD while Dr. Abdul Matin of BAPA moderates the press conference. Among other Dr. Ahsanuddin Ahmed of CGC, Md Golam Mortuza of Weekly Saptahik and Mostafa Kamal Akand of EquityBD speak before the press.

In the written statement Syed Aminul Haque mentions that the CVC has gained very little out of the climate talk in Warsaw because of frequent non-cooperative attitude of developed countries who are the biggest emitter and responsible for the climate warming. He adds that the most promising area of LDC and CVC’s interest were the Loss & Damage issue, which has been concluded with a hollow set up of working mechanism with deferred to a three year period up to 2016 and without making any clarity on financing being strongly opposed by USA and EU allies especially by Australia.

The keynote paper recommends that Bangladesh shouldn’t wait for some million dollars of aid where the country has more than 15b of remittance. Bangladesh should design the own national climate plan for the future in compliance with the national five year plan.

Dr. Ahsan Uddin in his speech says that, Bangladesh and the other LDCs now facing to strong opposition i.e. Annex 1 countries along with the recently developed LMDC (Like Minded Developing Countries) like India, China and Australia etc. They are just obstructing the climate talks in every step. They have pushed down the Loss & Damage, the long expected issue of LDC and CVCs, towards an uncertainty. The developed countries are offering just a $100m over the promised $100b.

Golam Mortoza, the editor of Weekly Shaptahik, says that, the government delegation of Bangladesh in COP should be more committed to the country and skilled to face the negotiators. Because, a little humble sympathy from the developed countries would not be enough for us. We have to recognize our demand with our own right.

Dr. Abdul Matin of BAPA says that we should not only focus on claiming climate fund. We have to revise our own climate policy so that we can address the power plant like Rampal and enormous corruption. Otherwise we will be morally and logically weak in the international climate negotiations in future.

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Warsaw, 21st November 2013. Today Bangladeshi civil society on climate alliance namely BAPA, BIPNetCCBD, CCDF, CFGN, CSRL, CLEAN and EquityBD, have organized a press conference in the COP 19 in Warsaw National Stadium and condemned the attitude of rich counties especially of Australia, Canada and Japan who are blocking an agreement especially for an institutional arrangement in loss and damage.

They urged global leaders to listen to the plights of climate victims and listen to science to reach to an agreement and thereby to save the planet from possible climate catastrophes. Ziaul Haque Mukta of Oxfam Asia moderated the press conference while Dr Ahsan Uddin Ahmed of CSRL reads out the press statement. Among the other speakers Dr. Abdul Matin of BAPA and Dr Assaduzzaman of BIDS spoke on their valuable points. The press conference was also live web broadcasted worldwide and in the whole conference premise.

In the press statement, on behalf of the group, Dr Ahsan Uddin Ahmed said that by delaying the legally binding agreement (LBA) by 2015 and a road map towards climate financing of $100 bln by 2020, in fact the developed countries are giving death sentences to thousands of climate affected men, women and children of least developed countries (LDC).

Dr Abdul Matin of BAPA criticizes the colonial attitude of rich and developed countries for not listening to the logics even the science from IPCC (International Panel of Climate Change), to plunders global atmosphere by polluting it and ensuring their resource accumulation, which is unjust.

Dr Assaduzaman of BIDS mentioned that parties in climate conference are bypassing the agriculture and sea acidification issues.

In conclusion Ziaul Haque Mukta of Oxfam Asia the moderator of the press conference, criticize BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) which is extended now to G20 i.e. advance economics, now regrouped under the LMDC (Like Minded Developing Countries) in CoP (Conference of Parties) in UNFCCC are, in fact, ignoring the equity and CBDRRC (Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capacities) principles, which was the basis of UNFCCC process and Kyoto Protocol.

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index_photo Warsaw, Poland 12th November 2013: Today nineteen CSO networks from Asia, Africa, Europe and
Latin America organize a seminar titled “Climate Forced Migrants: The Question of Rights and
Common But Differentiated Responsibilities” at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland where the
CoP 19 of UNFCCC i.e. climate conference is taking place.
Speakers demand in the seminar that, in view of Cancun and Doha agreement the developing
countries especially most vulnerable countries must raise the issues of climate migrants’ rights in
the climate conference. They also urge that in view of the Polluter Pay Principles the developed
countries must take responsibilities of this climate forced migrants while the effected countries
must prepare their own national displacement policies in view of existing UN framework.
Dr Ahsan Uddin of CSRL moderates the seminar while Ziaul Haque Mukta of Oxfam Aisa presents
the keynote paper. Other speakers of the seminar were Samson Ogallah of PACJA Africa, Soumya
Dutta and Ajay Jha from India. Around 160 non government and government’s delegates
participated in the seminar, and around 12 of them raised questions and comments.
Ziaul Haque Mukta in his keynote presentation refers to different research that there will be 250
million to 1 billion climate migrants by 2050. He also cited examples that New Zeeland, Australia,
Sweden, US, Switzerland, Canada, Malaysia, and EU somehow in consideration of climate migrants
in relaxing there laws, although there are some grayness. He also refers the position of Bangladesh
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in this regard.
Samson Ogallah from PACJA (Pan African Climate Justice Alliance) mentioned that the CoP
(Conference of Parties) 19 Warsaw must deliver on the issue of climate migrants as African people
have to move due to climate impacts.
Soumya Dutta from Beyond Copenhagen, a coalition of civil societies in India, gives several
examples especially of recent extreme rainfall in Uttharkhand India, which creates internal
displacement. Ajay Jha of Pairivi demands work program and legal framework from UNFCCC in this
Dr Ahsan Uddin the moderator of the seminar concluded that Global policy leaders must facilitate
rehabilitation, physical relocations of climate migrants with equal rights and full dignity.

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