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Index_3062Dhaka, 24th December 2014. Today in a joint press conference organized by all the country’s civil society climate networks criticize and condemn Bangladesh delegation role in climate conference which have had held during 1 to 13 December in Lima, capital of Peru, they said that the delegation role has not reflected the people interest, downsize to previous delegation role and does not keep consistency to previous achievement. Civil society has also urged government to announce a inclusive, participatory and transparent road map toward next climate conference which to be held in Paris during December 2015, where a global climate agreement supposed to be inked.
The press conference title “ Lima Climate Action will increase global temperature, Bangladesh need to implement climate planning with own financing” has jointly organized by BAPA (Bangladesh Poribesh Angolan), BIPNetCCBD (Bangladesh Indigenous People Network for Climate Change and Bio Diversity), BCJF (Bangladesh Climate Change Journalist Forum), CCDF (Climate Change Development Forum), CDP (Coastal Development Partnership), CSRL (Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood), EquityBD (Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh), FEJB (Forum for Environmental Journalist in Bangladesh), and PRDI (Participatory Research and Development Initiative) with the support of Oxfam. The press conference was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD, welcome speech given by Mostafa Kamal Akanda and position paper on behalf of the group read out by Sayed Aminul Haque of EquityBD, other speakers are Qumrul Islam Chowdhury of FEJB, Usha Chak of BIPNetCCBD, Tanvir Ahmed of Oxfam, Md Shamsuddoha of PRDI, Sayed Mausm Hossain of CDP, Kawser Rahman of BCJF and Mizanur Rahman Bijoy of NCCB (Network on Climate Change, Bangladesh).
Sayed Aminul Haque on behalf of the group read out position paper, questioned government that why country’s prominent expert people has not been included in the group who were participating and contributing the government all most voluntarily in the past. The paper has also mentioned that the delegation has very little coordination with civil society and media during climate conference in Lima. The group suggested group of suggestion on what to do next especially demanded a participatory and inclusive process and a road map toward Paris climate conference in 2015.
Qumrul Islam Chowdhury of FEJB has demand a press conference from Environment Minister on the delegation role in Lima in this regard. Usha Chak of BIPNetCCBD demanded indigenous people participation in climate negotiation and planning. Tanvir Ahmed of Oxfam mentioned that Bangladesh government must take priority planning to tackle climate catastrophic which is endangering poverty eradication and human development effort. Md Shamsuddoha of PRDI has mentioned that LDC (least developed country) interest has lost due to the compromise of developed and emerging economics compromise, Bangladesh and LDCs must take the group of LDC and CVC (climate vulnerable country) interest separately. Kawser Rahman of BCJF said that role of Bangladesh delegation has composed without giving importance to institutional memory. Syed Jahangir Hossain Masum of CDP said that Bangladesh must take position for Paris as like for what have had taken in respect of gaining Bay of Bengal boarder, there should be technical expert in the delegation. Mizanur Rahman Bijoy of NCCB said that responsibility of the political parties should be aimed to save the nation from climate catastrophes rather than going to power. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD has mentioned that Bangladesh delegation position on climate financing in Lima was inconsistence with Prime Minister Position, Prime Minister Position was always for demanding compensation as the basic right of Bangladeshi population.

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Index39Lima, 11th December 2014. Today in a press conference held at the media centre of UNFCCC (United Nation Framework Convention for Climate Change) CoP (conference of Parties) 20 in Lima, civil societies from Bangladesh as the representative of MVC (Most Vulnerable Countries) and LDCs (Least Developed Countries) have criticize the present ongoing impasses of climate negotiation process of CoP and thereby “called for taking urgent decisions and clear roadmap of actions from Lima, CoP 20”. They also demand a “Legally Binding commitment” for both adaptation & mitigation for Paris Agreement (2015), in CoP-21 that will be come into force onwards 2020.

The press conference held during the CoP, titled as ” Comments on Latest On Going CoP 20 Lima Climate Negotiations on the Interest of MVC and LDC People: Civil Society Perspectives” and organized by a coordination body of Bangladeshi climate activists and climate alliance namely AAB, BAPA, BIPNet-CCBD, CDP, CCDF, CPRD, CSRL, BCJF, FEJB, EquityBD, ICCAD and NCCB in CoP 20 at Lima.

The press conference is moderated by Dr. Saleemul Huq from ICCAD, where Key note presented by Mrs. Farah Kabir of AAB and Md. Golam Rabbani from BCAS.

In their key note presentation, the presenters expressed their disappointment and said that that the global leadership collectively failed to live up to their promises towards settling with firm collective actions as agreed earlier. They also said that, a number of Parties have been deliberately wasting time to delay firm actions on major issues to address negative impacts of climate change. There is an absence of urgency in Lima.

Following the situation, they made some demands as major; i. Developed country Parties must reduce their emissions by at least 45% by 2020, and 95% below 1990 levels by 2050. The majority of this action must be undertaken domestically in order to guarantee a low carbon global future, ii. NAP (National Adaptation Plan) process must be facilitated with adequate finance where Local Adaptation Programmes must be supported, iii. The Adaptation goal for 2015 must be an integral part of Lima Outcome/Decisions, iv. The global process must be establishing a registry system on adaptation financing, which will allow MRV Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable), v. Developed countries will declare a clear roadmap of financing to climate action, in particular, for adaptation in developing countries for pre and post 2020 and the final is vi. Developed country parties must provide technology and financial support as well as institutions building at local and national levels for long term sustainable growth and infrastructure resilience without following any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime.

Dr. Saleemul Huk, in his speech said that the global demand is now to focus the science base mitigation measures for developed countries and taking appropriate measure that limit really the temperature rise within 2°C. He also demanded a comprehensive, effective and rightful global deal in 2015, guided by equity and inter-generational equity those are un-compromising in 2015 Agreement and for the global society.

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index_photo_15Lima, 4th December 2014. Today in a press conference held in Lima at media centre, UNFCCC (United Nation Framework Convention for Climate Change) CoP (conference of Parties) 20, civil societies from MVC and LDC have a press conference titled “Expectation from CoP 20 in view of MVC and LDC interest: a civil society perspective”.Civil society leaders from Asia, Africa and Latin America urged government delegates on urgency of climate deal to be legally binding while Super Typhoon Ruby is about to thrash on Philippines.They also draw attention of global leader to consider intergenerational equity ensuring zero percent discount on fossil fuel by respecting human rightsparticularly of ingenious people.

The press conference is moderated by TetetLauron of Ibon International from Philippines whileMrinalKanti Tripura of BIPNetCCBD of Bangldesh, Tania Guillén from Centro Humbold Nicaragua, AshaSitati from Kenya, and a youth activist from Bangladesh Risalat Khan of Avaz, a global campaign organization spoke in the conference.

The press conference is organized by a coordination body of Bangladeshi climate activists and climate alliance namely BAPA, BIPNetCCBD, CDP, CCDF, CPRD, CSRL, BCJF, FEJB and EquityBD in CoP 20 led by Jahangir HossainMasum of CDP and MdShamsuddoha of CPRD at Lima.

Risalat Khan reads out the written press statement on behalf of the group that expressed worried about loose coordination and leadership among the delegation especially amongMVCs and LDCs. Thekey demands in the statement are (i) there must be predictable, adequate and long term climate finance, (ii) Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) must include adaptation along with mitigation and it would be science based mitigation measures for the developed countries as IPCC said, (iii) a draft text and timeline based of climate deal on the road to Paris CoP 21, (iv) new mechanism to address climate induced displacement and loss and damage, (v) meaningful participation of indigenous and women from MVC and LDC in UNFCCC process and (vi) intergenerational equity as the core component of the deal.

MarinalKanti Tripura of BIPNetCCBD and Maleya Foundation of Bangldesh, representing IPCCSD and IIPFCC, demands the recognition of the role of indigenous people in adaptation and mitigation. Risalat Khan, the youth activist from Bangldesh, demandszero percent discount on fossil fuel burning.

TetetLauron remindsthe global delegation about the Super TyphoonHaywanhit Philippines during WarsawClimate Conference (COP 19)and now another typhoon Ruby to landfall during Lima COP 20 are signaling an urgency of legally binding climate deal. She also urged the global leaders, “let there not be anymore climate related death.”

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Index_photo_3Dhaka, 20th November 2014. Today in a seminar held at Dhaka Reporters Unity organized by six civil society networks and two media networks related to climate change urged government to facilitate a united voice of all stakeholders including of civil societies and media in the CoP (Conference of Parties) 20, Lima Climate Conference. They also expressed concern on Ministry of Forest and Environment’s preparation in this regard. The United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) CoP 20 conference will be held in 1st to 12th December in Lima, i.e. the capital of Peru, Latin America.
The seminar titled “CoP 20 Lima Climate Conference : Challenges for Bangladesh in Leadership” is moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdury of EquityBD while Dr Hasan Mahmud, the Ex-Minister for Forest and Environment and the Present Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on that Ministry spoke as the chief guest. Other speakers of the seminar were Dr Abdul Matin of BAPA, Qumrul Islam Chowdhury of FEJB, Kawser Rahman of BCJF. Sayed Amiunl Haque of EquityBD has presented the key note presentation on behalf of the group.
The group comprises Bangladesh Poribesh Andolan (BAPA), Bangladesh Climate Change Journalist Forum (BCJF), and Bangladesh Indigenous People Network for Climate Change and Bio Diversity (BIPNetCCBD), Climate Change Development Forum (CCDF), Coastal Livelihood Environment Action Network (CLEAN), Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (CSRL) and Forum for Environment Journalist in Bangladesh (FEJB) and Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (EquityBD) jointly organized the seminar.
Sayed Aminul Haque in his keynote presentation elaborated the key issues to be discussed in Lima climate conference as the priority issues of Bangladesh: (i) Importance on adaptation finance along with mitigation, (ii) Institutional frame work for loss and damage, (iii) Non binding on least developed countries on Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC), (iv) Framework agreement for CoP 21 Paris should be as a legally binding, (v) New protocol for climate induced migrants, (v) Additional, predictable climate financing especially from public sources, (vi) Mechanism for technology transfer to LDCs without IPR (intellectual property right), and (v) No charge of insurance money from MVCs and LDCs to facilitate the insurance business for MNC (multinational companies ) of developed countries.
Dr Abdul Matin of BAPA expressed concern on preparatory approach of present Ministry of Forest and Environment which is hardly accessible to civil societies and media and said that Bangladesh might not be able to keep leadership in this international discourse of climate negotiations.
Qumrul Islam Chowdhury of FEJB said Bangladesh delegation must seek support from civil societies and media who will also participate in CoP 20 in Lima to keep up tradition of working together by all stakeholders in UNFCCC CoP process.
Dr Hasan Mahmud said Government must facilitate participation of all stakeholders in preparation of CoP 20 and there must be a united and louder voice from Bangladesh. He urged that issue of redefining “Refugee” to accommodate the climate induced migrants and carry forward of Cancun agreement should be priority for Bangladesh.

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Index_31Dhaka, 9th November: Today six right group networks and two journalist forum on climate change, in a joint press conference held at National Press Club, criticized present Environment Minister’s approach on climate change issues and appeal for Prime Minister’s intervention in respect of preparation for UNFCCC (United Nation Frame work for Climate Change Convention) CoP (Conference of Parties) 20 to be held in Lima (Capital of Peru) during 1 to 12 December. They also urge the government to announce the preparation, position and participation process of Lima climate conference otherwise country interest and leadership track record might be jeopardized.
The press conference was organized by Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), Bangladesh Climate Change Journalist Forum (BCJF), Bangladesh Indigenous People Network of Climate Change and Bio Diversity (BIPNetCCBD), Climate Change Development Forum (CCDF), Coastal Livelihood Environment Action Network (CLEAN), Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood (CSRL), Forum for Environment Journalist in Bangladesh (FEJB) and Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (EquityBD). The press conference was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD while KawserRahman of BCJF read out the written statement on bahalf of the group. Other speakers are Qumrul Islam Chowdhury of FEJB and a lead LDC (Least Development Country) Negotiator, Dr Abdul Matin of BAPA, Aminul Rasul Babul of Unnayan Dhara Trust and Mostafa Kamal Akanda of EquityBD.
On behalf of the group Kawser Rahamn has read out the statement and placed following key demands, (i) The Ministry must announce written negotiation paper prior to the conference, (ii) The Ministry must spell out transparency and participation of civil society and media in the negotiation process both in the country and abroad, (iii) negotiation team must uphold the interest of MVC (most vulnerable countries) and LDC (least developed countries), not submitting to the interest of advance developing countries within G77 +China group, (iv) Bangladesh must propose an institutional framework , finance and its composition in respect of loss and damage (L&D) discourse, (v) Delegation must propose separate peaking point of temperature raise different for developed, developing and LDCs, (vi) The delegation should also negotiate for Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) should only be limited in respect of MVC and LDCs.
Qumrul Islam Chowhdury of FEJB said in his speech, Bangladesh has received very little from Fast Start Financing (FSF) in last few years in respect of climate migrants and to demand anything the country must show some national mechanism in this regard.
Dr Matin of BAPA said that government must be serious on keeping past record of leadership of our Environment Ministry and the Minister in respect of Inclusiveness, Access and Transparency which put Bangladesh delegation in a leadership position. He has expressed worries on understanding of present Minister and his bureaucrats in this regard and he sought Prime Minister’s intervention to save the past reputation of the country and its interest.

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