EquityBD long term plan 2012-15 (Revised Jan`13)

EquityBD long term plan 2012-15 (Revised Jan`13)

EquityBD Campaign course of actions for 2012 to 2015 (revised on January 2013

We look for a world with equity and justice where human rights and democratic practice is a culture.

(i) As government is the biggest representation of people, we shall provide possible cooperation to the government with positive but critical engagement;

(ii) We shall disseminate the national and international policy debates to the micro and local level and vice versa bring micro level feedback to the national and international level;

(iii) We shall work especially with the young for their education and awareness in order to implant values related to equity, justice, human
rights and democratic principles; and

(iv) We shall try out to promote an accountable, pro-active and a sustainable civil society movement in the country in favor of equity and justice

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